This project is a multifunctional building in downtown Tehran, capital of Iran, as one of my main projects at “Rahan Sazeh Consulting Engineers co. In fact this building is an addition to “Shahnameh tower”, another project of my company, to provide parking space for employees and they are connected from first floor. The project is defined in 9 levels including 6 levels of public parking, 2 levels of commercial spaces and last level is a restaurant and gathering saloon. I did the main part of the architectural design phase and all the construction drawing details.  I was responsible for design coordination with mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and civil engineering teams. The 3D model was made by my colleague.
Top view of Tose-eh building and its position (3D Max)
External perspectives of Tose-eh building (3D Max)
Internal perspectives of commercial spaces and saloon (3D Max)
Second floor
First floor
First basement
4th basement
South elevation
Section A-A
First floor stairs layout / Plan and Section details
(Connected stairs between Tose-eh building and Shahnameh tower from first floor)
North-West stairs layout / Plan sample details.
North-West stairs layout / Section details.
Satellite view of the building and its position among primary and secondary streets.
Tose-eh Building under construction / Steel structure
Tose-eh Building under construction / Finishing
South-West external view
Tose-eh Building under construction / Finishing
South Elevation external view
Tose-eh Building under construction / Finishing
Commercial spaces internal view
Tose-eh Building under construction / Finishing
Parking and Stairs internal view
Tose-eh Building completed
Title: Tose-eh Building
Location: Tehran, Iran | 2011
Company: Rahansazeh Consulting Engineers
Architect: Aida Shafei

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