Sculptural Object
Since the beginning of the workshop, we felt that the idea of a sculptural object was somehow related to the world of architecture. Among other concepts, we thought then that the notions of “monumentality” and “scale” were a good way to express the idea of a sculptural cheese grater.
In order to achieve our objective, we worked on a device that turns the small cheese grater into a spatial figure; a picture where this everyday object reveals an imaginary living space in which the observer is lead to abstract the dimensions and scale of this metallic grater. To reach this goal, the light becomes even more essential. 
In our work, not only the grater surrounds with a homogeneous environment, it also emphasizes the materiality of the object by intensifying its reflective qualities allowing the space to be extended beyond the solid limits defined by the grater itself.
M.Sc. Photography workshop in UE-M "ESPACE ET LUMIERE", EPFL | Winter 2011
Title: Sculptural Object
Supervisors: Dr. Bernard PauleProf. Marilyne Andersen
Group members: Ayda Shafei, Giulia Chiariotti, Alice Priesig
Conceptual idea: Cheese grater

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